Friday, June 17, 2011

Teaching/Training with Technology-Part 2

Well this is my second post in a series for the class I mentioned in my first post. My scrapbook so to speak! I am now at the end of week one and just posted my reflection for this weeks module. My number one learning (teachable moment) from this week came from a website experience that I linked to this weeks title (Diigo). It's a bookmark site where you can keep track of great articles you read, sites you browse and want to go back to or just anything of interest. I am still trying to digest it's use in the class or within the HR profession but it was an interesting new find.

The second thing that was a bit more concerning and will require me to do some more research is taking into consideration FERPA when requiring students to open a twitter or linked in account as part of their deliverables. I have certainly not considered this before because it is my understanding that the law is related to privacy of grades and how one is doing in the class. I don't see my current assignments infringing on this at all but as I said I need to do some more research. It sure has opened my eyes a bit though!

Finally, a fellow classmate shared this video which I found very telling! From an HR perspective we need to do a little PR with regard to the Teaching profession because this guys comments can certainly affect morale. Another thing we ought to do is a compensation survey. At least from personal perspective pay is definitely an issue and the salary "spread" is larger than I have ever seen in my entire HR career. That includes the executive comp that I have managed too!

Until next week!

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