Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Teaching/Training with Technology-Part 3

This week I am a bit rushed at posting my blog for the #TT1131 class scrapbook because I soon will be on a plane heading to #SHRM11 in Las Vegas, NV. I am especially looking forward to seeing Keith Urban (aka @KeithUrban on twitter) perform for several thousand of us "HR Geeks" Tuesday night. In the meantime, I have homework (as do my Organizational Behavior students).

The title of this weeks blog is hyperlinked to a new site I discoverd in class called www.polleverywhere.com. It can be used in class to poll students about their opinion regarding a specific topic. For example, I might ask "How many of you have had a lousy manager?" (no really I would ask that) and then we could see the results and discuss why that might be. Usually the brown nose answer (just kidding) would be "because they have not taken your Organzational Behavior class Ms. Rogers". Seriously though, it can be used in face-to-face (F2F) or online classes for a variety of content related questions that could get students more intersted in the topic especially when they can see the results. Like this sample question I asked about our upcoming state ILSHRM conference to be held in Oakbrook, IL August 22 & 23: What are you looking forward to at #ILSHRM11?

Other things we covered is the use of Wiki's and Blogs in the classroom. I have used Blogs in my HR Managment classroom for over a year now. I typically give students a list of blogs where I know the author and am comfortable with their content as it relates to our text and my own contributions to thier learning. They must visit 10 different blogs all semester and answer a few questions about the blog post they chose & the blogger then blog themself about it using our internal classroom online blog set up in blackboard. I need to do some editing of my own blog site as a result of what I learned in this class so I can just send them to my sites (future blogroll) to view "pre-approved" HR blog sites. I have only used Wiki's as a student and have to do some more research to determine their applicability in my classroom.

Finally, I found out a little history about blogging via this video:

More to come! If your going to #SHRM11 look me up via @DonnaRogersHR. I will be tweeting live!

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