Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teaching/Training with Technology-Part 4

This post is still about technology but it actually is a compilation of "finds" from my other online teaching certificate course about student assessment.This technology can be used specifically for online assessment. Certainly some of these can be used for "training" in HR as well. For example the first one here (Crossword Compiler), I have used in both HR training programs (HR Basics to name one) as well as my HR Mgmt course at the University. I have not used EclipseCrossword but it is free too.

As an overall resource I found a list of technology tools on this website. Question Mark was also mentioned in my readings and seems to have alot of HR applications as well. Matter of fact as I reviewed their site they had logo's of several organizations for which I was very familiar. There were several online Quiz locations that you could pay for like Quizinator and QuizStar. I prefer the one's that are free because as most realize, we don't have much of a budget as a teacher. Typical, is it not?

In researching a Power Point game template, I discovered some additional Power Point online training. This would be great for a new trainer (as long as your not preparing for an unconference) as well as a student who needs to to a presentation for my class. Another very interesting discovery that I had never heard of is a WebQuest. This is where all of the work comes from the Internet. It is interesting that this was designed in 1995. I recall having taken a job in late 1994 where I was expecting as a Corporate Trainer to have a computer to do my job and did not. However, I recall the other trainer I worked with talking about this thing called "The Internet". I had no idea what it was back then so my mind is even more boggled now that there was something classed a WebQuest and folks were using it to educate. I must have been behind the times back then. I really like the APA WebQuest as I require students in my classes to use this format for all papers.

Very interesting finds for technology as it relates to Student/Learner/Participant Assessment.

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