Friday, June 10, 2011

Teaching/Training with Technology-Part 1

I know at least my twitter followers are aware that I have been incorporating technology into my teaching for a while now as they have watch several posts go by with #UIS431 in them. However, if you don't learn something new every day we tend to get a little stale. I am working on a Master Certification in Online Teaching. This summer I am taking course 3 & 4 out of 6 required towards that goal. I am learning about student assessment and teaching technology. As homework for the technology course, over the next seven weeks I will be taking a class requiring me to blog more than I do (currently once a month) and specifically highlighting new technologies that I am learning about. Specifically, my blog is going to be my scrapbook with at least the following items:
-social networking/media
-a tool for asynchronous communication
-a tool for synchronous communication
-an example of ready-made content
-some content you've produced on your own
-whatever your produced in the 7th week (survey or teach-back)
-an elective .... something new you'd like to try
-a link to your Diigo account,
-showing at least 3 bookmarks you saved during the term.
-your 23 Things post

So I tell you this today as my regular "HR" followers might wonder what is going on but as usual I will definitely try to relate it back to our field in one way or the other so as not to bore you. Besides not knowing what Diigo account is there is alot I will be learning and look forward to sharing.


  1. More of your blogging is icing on the cake. Is this an online course? I'd like to take it myself.

  2. Thanks JKP! Here is the description. Go to Illinois online learning MCVR
    Technology Tools for Online Learning
    This instructor-led, eight-week, fully-online course explores some of the technology tools used to build and deliver online courses. The main emphasis of this course will be to introduce students to issues concerning the use of technology and the many tools that are available. The economical, technological, and pedagogical pros and cons of each technology will be discussed. Participants will learn how to choose what technologies to integrate into their online course based on sound pedagogical decisions.
    This course is for faculty and staff who are interested in exploring the use of technology tools in education.


    Issues Surrounding the Use and Integration of Technology in Education
    Social Media
    Communication Tools
    Ready-made content
    Audio, video and screencast production
    Emerging trends

    The course is eight weeks in length and requires an online orientation.
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    You may take this course without any course prerequisites.

    The course has a modular structure consisting of somewhat separate units. Each unit is individually assessed, but successive units build on previous information. The course pedagogy is based on collaborative learning and group participation. Content in the form of active asynchronous and synchronous chat participation, direct email, postings of materials, Web resources, and instructor notes are presented. Content in the form of student participation in discussion forums and comments on the ideas and work of others will also be present. Links to outside sources are required through which students will acquire more in depth information on some topics.
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    This is an intensive course requiring about 8-10 hours a week. The time commitment will vary depending the individual's input, needs, and personal study habits. Students are required to log on to the course a minimum of 3 times a week.
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    Credit Options

    Continuing Education Credit (CEU Credit)
    8 Continuing education units (CEU credit) are available for this course.

    Graduate or Undergraduate Academic Credit
    This course can also be taken for academic graduate credit through the University of Illinois at Springfield. To earn academic credit, you must first enroll as a non-degree or as a degree student through UIS. Visit the How to Enroll page for more information.

    Taking a course for CEUs:
    Registration for this course is open to the general public, but there is a registration fee for participants who are not employees of the University of Illinois. The fee is determined by the number of contact hours and online discussion requirements for the course. To view the fee schedule for a specific section of this course, visit the Schedule and click on the link for that section (e.g. SA1051).

    Taking a course for Graduate Credit through the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS):
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