Saturday, July 2, 2011

Teaching/Training with Technology-Part 5

Ok so this week we talked a lot of about synchronous technology such as live chats rooms, texting, Skype, Elluminate, instant messaging, etc. However, the thing that really livened up the content was the video I watched that is linked to this weeks blog title. CAUTION: FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!!! Although it is a bit risque at times it really gets you thinking about the opportunities out there for teaching and or training using social media live.

Another interesting, jaw dropping, light bulb went on...what if we used preexisting online chat's surrounding the topic for students to get involved and learn from professionals in the field. I know you can't control what the professionals say but it can be quite interesting and add some reality to what they are learning in the classroom. The article I read was a great source for this idea and suddenly I began thinking of #TChat, #HireFriday, #JobChat, #DTHR, #HRHappyHour & others. The latter two have a blog talk radio show that coincides with the live twitter chat.

Finally, I am very curious to learn more about Second Life and the application of 3D learning. Not sure yet how I can apply to the management development courses I teach but my mind is churning. Any ideas, please comment!!

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