Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Teaching/Training with Technology-Part 7

Happy Summer! If your in the Midwest right now like I am your trying to figure out how to cool off about every 5 minutes or so. Well I have been discovering some very cool stuff this week but unfortunately it won't make me feel any better in this heat. It will however, help me to be a more inspiring, interesting, and possibly even entertaining educator and presenter. The first new discovery was a very NON-POWERPOINT way of presenting slides. Prezi is the new wave of slide presentations that can literally take your audience down a rabbit hole (just check the site linked to this blog title).

The second most powerful thing I learned is don't ever trust your equipment. While trying to develop a Twitter for HR presentation for my students, I could not get my sound to work. This is equipment that was only used once before mind you. After three unsuccessful times (so I thought) I gave up and posted the assignment saying it is only half done. After posting, I discovered that it worked just fine. I have sound and screen showing Twitter & Tweetdeck both. My only downfall is that the screencast was over 9 minutes and according to what I learned in the lesson this week all online video/screencast etc. should not be more than 2-7 minutes max. So back to the drawing board for me but at least I have a head start.

Other very cool finds were Jing (if you don't have Camtasia Relay this is free & does practically the same thing), PodBean, and tips for creating High Quality Video.

So while I am busy making cool stuff for my classes & presentations, I hope you are keeping cool in this heatwave!

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