Saturday, July 23, 2011

Teaching/Training with Technology-Part 8

Here is another post that never got posted when I wrote it in 2008. 

This week flew by with the development of a New Student Survey using SurveyMonkey. I have used Zoomerang before so I thought I would try something new. Another new development and a huge learning curve on my part was my first Prezi presentation. The topic I chose to "teach back" was on student cheating. I created a Prezi called "Cheating...I Think NOT! This was just as hilarious and embarrassing of an experience as my Twitter for HR assignments last week. This time my classmates could not see the presentation (even after several attempts to fix the problem). Finally, I discovered that I had it set as "Private" and not "Public". A small button in the right corner that I did not see the many times I returned back to the page to recopy the link. The presentation itself was an eye opener for all of us. Who knew a student could use a plastic Coke bottle to cheat. One comment I found most amusing was "Wouldn't it be easier to just study for the damn test?" This among other comments made me LOL!

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