Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rock Star Employees!

Do You Focus on You're Rock Star Employees?

We are heading into a time where "employee retention" is what is going to keep us up at night. A time when the economy bounces back, baby-boomers retire, the knowledge drain is a reality, and the only thing that's going to keep us going is hanging on to our Rock Star employees. A few months ago, I attended a leadership conference with an awesome keynote address by the name of Clint Swindall. The most powerful statistics he shared is that based on numerous surveys almost every organization has about 26 percent of it's employees who are the type of employee who always answers with "Oh Yeah!". You ask them to implement a new project, increase sales, motivate employees and they say "Oh-Yeah" without a bit of hesitation. This is what I call the Rock Star Employee!

Another 55% of your employees are OK. They are there to collect a pay check, they don't like to cause problems, they are not engaged but they are not disengaged either. Sometimes your Rock Star employees can sway them in their own direction toward organizational stardom. However, some of them can be pulled down into the land of ney-sayers, complainers, 'Oh-No' type employees and if I were you I'd want the reverse. This group of employees represent about 19% of your employee base and frankly are not worth all your time. They will always be there. They will never go away. Face it and focus on the positive. When you do you will get more of the positive. A positive influence on your bottom line.

Rock Star employees make you a Rock Star organization! Star spending your time, influence, rewards, and benefits on your top 81% with special emphasis on your top 26%. You will be surprised at the outcome! Really, it works! Your customers, clients, and vendors will take notice.

It's our birthday/anniversary!

Notice the employee within my logo reaching for the star! We have been helping clients with Rock Star employees & more for years. Matter of fact, Rogers HR Consulting turned 10 years old this year. Thanks to repeat clients, referrals, and great relationships we are still going strong. Check us out at for your human resources needs.

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