Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blogging Elsewhere

Over the last couple weeks I have been compiling my required annual faculty performance review which summarizes teaching, scholarly work (which is not required for my professionally qualified (PQ) position as opposed to AQ for those with PhDs) and service to the university, community and the profession.  Since I had to compile the following information as part of my blogging contribution (service to the profession), I thought I would share the links here especially as it relates to the two sites I have contributed to in addition to my own.  I have not shared on this site in the past that I have blog posts elsewhere.  So the following is exert from my performance review:
“While I do not write scholarly works, I do write for my students, clients, and the HR community via blogging which I started in 2010.  In addition, I am a contributing author for two other blogs called Women of HR and Illinois State Council SHRM).  In 2011, I wrote a total of 41 posts between the three sites.
DonnaRogersHR Author (31 Posts)
I have been officially blogging since July 30, 2010 – This year my posts increased from eight (8) to 31 which included a series of ten (10) posts dedicated to Teaching/Training with Technology.  This eight (8) week series is labeled Part 1 through 8 and has two follow-up posts called 23 Ideas for Online Instructors/Trainers and a Trailer.  I have had a few guest writers but primarily I write about ILSHRM and a variety of HR topics.  This year I discussed topics such as: Email, Bias, CEOs Thinking Differently, Second Life, Rock Star Employees, HRs Role on Disaster Preparedness, Why I teach HR and more.  I feel like this is a great way to contribute from an educational and informational standpoint beyond what I do in the classroom. 
Women of HR Contributing Author (3 Posts)
·        The Perfect 10 on February 4, 2011 about Workplace Flexibility
·        Bride to Be = Discouraged Employee on June 17, 2011 about Harassment & Discrimination
·        Is the Good Ol’ Boy Network Just a Myth? on October 3, 2011 about Gender Issues in the Workplace
ILSHRM Contributing Author (7 Posts)
·        About Me & My ISC-SHRM Goals for the Next 2 Years on January 7, 2011 on Strategic Planning Goals for ILSHRM
·        Upcoming Illinois Legislative Conference April 1, 2011 about Employment Laws
·        Membership Queries Via Texting June 22, 2011 about Polling Services
·        Strategy Equals Improved Bottom Line on September 19, 2011 about Strategic HR
·        Birds Fly…Supervisors Die! on October 8, 2011 about Supervision
·        ILSHRM Represented at SHRM Strategy Conference on October 5 about the SHRM Strategy Conference
·        SHRM Strategy Conference Wrap-Up on October 18 about the SHRM Strategy Conference
·        SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference Access Denied on October 25 about Conference Planning Tips”
I look forward to more contributions to the profession in 2012 on all three of the sites.  I hope to be invited to share on other sites as I have time to do so.   Recently, I agreed to be a contributing author to another multi-contributor HR site called Project SocialHR.  I am really looking forward to that opportunity.  Thank you for reading my posts and please feel free to comment as I enjoy hearing your perspective as well.

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