Friday, May 4, 2012

Resume Building for the Next Level

On Tuesday of next week I will be speaking at the Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies (IACAA) conference.  This is the third year I have been invited and paid to speak at this event.  I am looking forward to sharing everything I know on building a solid resume.  Not just the document itself but all the KSAs you need to have in your pocket to put on your Linked In profile or an old fashioned paper resume.  The following is a glimpse at the advice I plan to share:

The session will explore KSA's necessary for an Emerging Leader and identify an action plan to get there. We will also take it to the next level by building an ideal resume that can sell in this era of social recruiting. Learn the latest sites where you can share the KSAs you have. 

Who Are The Emerging Leaders?
Corporate leaders typically look to the top-rated 3 percent to 5 percent of their employees as candidates for fast-tracking. The June 2010 Harvard Business Review, researchers Jay Conger, Douglas Ready and Linda Hill describe these individuals who "consistently and significantly outperform their peer groups in a variety of settings and circumstances. … They exhibit behaviors that reflect their companies' culture and values in an exemplary manner. Moreover, they show a strong capacity to grow and succeed throughout their careers within an organization—more quickly and effectively than their peer groups do."

Begin with the End in Mind/Sharpen the Saw/Set Goals
  • ·        The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey
  • ·        How to Figure out What you Want:
Discover Your Strengths
  • ·        Strengths Finder 2.0, Tom Rath
  • ·        Strengths Based Leadership by Tom Rath & Barry Conchie
Network & Learn on Social Media
  • ·        Online Twitter Chats: #JobChat; HFChat
  • ·        Online Twitter Streams:  #Jobs; , #CareerAdvice, #CareerMinded, #LinkedIn, #JobSeeker
Read from the Recruiters Perspective:
  • ·        Developing Leadership Talent: A Guide to Succession Planning & Leadership Development --
  • ·        Inspirational Leadership: A Foundation Paper --
Expand Your Horizons
  • ·        Take positions outside of your specialty
  • ·        Increase your education
Develop a Winning Resume
  • ·        Even for Internal Postings
  • ·        Not everyone in the company knows your history
  • ·        Pinterest Resumes
  • ·        Linked In Resume
Resume Template Resources
  • ·        Word (File, New, Resumes)
  • ·        MSWord Template Website

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