Friday, February 1, 2013

Where Does Time Go? Productive or trash worthy?

Sometimes, time goes right into the trash quite frankly especially when there is so much going on. I didn't have a chance to blog at all last month. So I'm sitting here now reading all my students reviews of other bloggers thinking about where the time went. I know in addition to work, I have had a few personal challenges to overcome. This got me to thinking about how much time is lost when companies are going through a rough patch. Regardless of the reason being economy, management, financial, employees, if they don't manage the communications, whispers and gossip their productive work hours is typically cut in half and sometimes worse. So a typical eight (8) hour workday can be reduced to two (2) to four (4) hours of actual return on you're investment. Imagine a workforce of 100 people working for $14 an hour and the "rough patch" extends for a month. The company would lose at least $5,600 a day in lost wages and that's not even considering possible lost future business due to lack of customer service when employees are otherwise focused. Unfortunately focused on what might be making the situation worse, not better. The daily loss adds up to over $100k a month. What an incredible loss. What's worse is if management themselves are participating and contributing to the problem without even realizing it. Wages are no longer only $5 a day they are certainly a whole lot more and it would be sinful to throw time in the trash. Time is money, right? Definitely, something to think about.

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