Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall North Central SHRM MAC Update

The MAC Representatives participated in a conference call on September 17, 2013 with Elissa O'Brien, SPHR - SHRM Vice President of Membership, Amy Schabacker Dufrane, Executive Director of the HR Certification Institute (HRCI), and other SHRM Staff Members. Amy provided HRCI's response to the MAC Reps report presented in June 2013. Her presentation showed HRCI is listening to the volunteer leaders and HRCI is working on meeting the volunteer leaders needs. Amy noted HRCI is working on a communication piece on how they plan to address the issues the volunteer leaders voiced in the MAC Survey. Once this document is received by the MAC Reps, we will provide to you. 

Recently, volunteer leaders were asked to complete a second 2013 MAC Survey regarding "Professional Development".  We had over 700 volunteer leaders complete the survey. The MAC presented the findings to the SHRM Staff during the SHRM Foundation Thought Leaders Retreat and SHRM Strategy Conference on September 30, 2013.  We will finalize the results and present to the SHRM Board during the SHRM Leadership Conference in November. However, as a sneak peak take a look at the following:

Click on this link to see the NEW SHRM Professional Development program offerings as compared to our newest survey results.  They are already hitting the mark even before our report at least from a topic match standpoint.
 Our survey data shows the highest level of interest in these program types:
1. Employee Development
2. Performance Management
3. Succession Planning
4. Talent Acquisition

The SHRM Foundation Board has asked the MAC to meet with them for a two hour meeting during the SHRM Leadership Conference to discuss their feedback from our June 2013 report.  In addition, the MAC will provide an annual report to the SHRM Board as well as the volunteer leaders which will include feedback on all 2013 MAC Focuses. This will be the first time a MAC Annual Report will be provided and it will become a yearly practice by future MAC Reps.  We as leaders know change is vital to our organization and as a team are and will continue to make a difference.

November reminds us that it's time for Thanksgiving, I want to thank all State Directors for working with me over the past ten months to be a voice for the North Central Region.  I look forward to seeing all volunteers who are able to get to DC later this month.  I especially want to congratulate next years "voice" Steve Browne for stepping up as the next MAC representative.  He will be awesome and I will be proud to support him as the MAC Rep alternative and stay involved for one more year. 

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