Thursday, April 10, 2014

#LASHRM Down - What's Next?

Well that was a blast! Hanging with long time HR friend, Dave Ryan, talking about Running an HR Department of One down south in the state of Louisiana. It was more than a was a great learning experience. I have always considered Dave mentor on areas of HR where I had little experience. One of those areas is Labor Relations. This go around I learned a lot about some new technologies that will help get the job done more effectively and efficiently. 

Among my list of takeaways from Dave include Smart Recruiters, Work for Us, Flubaroo, and Google Docs. Mobile apps have been the rave for a couple of years now but Smart Recruiters seem to have an edge on the recruiting space. The app allows cost conscious HR professionals to post job openings for free and then get picked up by a host of other online job banks. On top of your return on investment for a pinch of your time, it's relatively easy to learn and use. Another related Facebook add on is called Work For Use which does have a cost but seemed worth the price. 

The most useful tool I learned about would have come in real handy when I was responsible for safety training. Now I share the idea with clients and hope they will check it out. It's a combination of Fluberoo and Google Docs which allows you to set up a document that produces a link you can share with employees. The player follows the link to take a quiz about the training they just leaned. For example, fork lift training typically requires a test for understanding which can be documented on google docs using Flubaroo to score the test and provide feedback to the HR department. Dave provided a quick demonstration which made the whole process look easy to use and implement. 

I'll have to try it out myself and share it with clients so they too can benefit from his wisdom. So what's next? Only time will tell. In the meantime check out our slides which actually contains a video on how to use google docs and Flubaroo together. The website is 

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