Monday, April 7, 2014

Psyched for Year 2 on HR Speaking Circuit

admit, I am not the most polished among my peers in the HR speakers community. Nor do I attest to "know it all" or have the most interesting "stories". I especially have not worked at a Fortune "any number" organization which usually are the only ones who actually get paid to speak. Well there are those who have authored a book who get paid. I'm not there yet either. 

What I do know is how to pick a great partner in crime, what topics are not usually to the level of detail I feel is sufficient and how to dress for the occasion. Like the latter even matters, right? Well you will find a few shopping trip posts on social media where it has mattered to some (myself included). 

I also admit that less than a handful of speaking gigs hardly qualify one to be "on the circuit". What I confess to be true about speaking at a conference is: 

*I have a fabulous time helping others. 
*I meet a great deal of wonderful HR professionals as well as vendors serving the HR field. 
*I always learn something new, see something I have never seen before, and overhear some very clever souls sharing their HR secrets. 
*I never regret the time I take away from potential "billable hours" in a week. 

All and all, it's simply my pleasure to serve the HR community by giving of my time and making life easier for someone else by sharing one nugget of information not previously know to the attendee. 

I go on stage tomorrow at the Louisiana State Council of SHRM HR Conference for the first time at one of these state HR Conference with a dear friend, client, and mentor who I have known and worked with for over a decade and I could not be more excited. Dave Ryan and I will be sharing our experiences, tips, short cuts, and cost savers as current and former members of the HR Department of One Community. Our slides are available at This is one of two conferences I am a scheduled to speak at this year. Missouri SHRM will be my second this August. I have applications pending at other state conferences.  In addition, Dave and I would like to do our gig at another conference later this year or early next year before the information we poured into this program becomes too stale. 

Last year, I had the pleasure of speaking at three state HR conferences (Kansas, Wisconsin, and Minnesota). The evals all came back great which is what Dave and I are hoping for tomorrow. 

If you will be at one of the conferences mentioned, please look me up or tweet me at @HRWarrior.  I'd love to meet you in real life and always look forward to expanding our mutual HR network. 

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  1. Enjoy Louisiana tomorrow. I'm sure you and the Czar will be great!


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