Thursday, February 23, 2017

Annual Review of Blogging Here & Elsewhere

This year was one of the slowest blogging years I have had due to growing consulting business, Rogers HR Consulting, on the side while maintaining my full time job.  I appreciate the independent consultants I work with to keep the consulting work going while I teach.  Of course, I review everything that goes out the door which is why my blogging time has reduced significantly over the last few years.

So to help the blog stay alive and to educate others I had a couple guest posts by:

  1. Kevin Epley who shared a great topic called Profanity in the Workplace in November.
  2. HR Student, Mary Hazard, who wrote about what a Retail Sales Manager needs to know about HR in November.
I wrote a summary of a presentation I did for the Women Entrepreneurs called What's Hot in HR? in September.  I did a post after having several personal conflict related issues in my own family post my mother's passing and did some training on the topic for a client called 10 Tips for Managing Conflict at Work or Home in May.  Also, in May, I posted a quick link to the DOL site related to Overtime Rule Published. Of course, we all know now that it got overturned or at least put on hold by a judge in Texas.  We will see what happens with it this year.  I know SHRM has been testifying on behalf of our profession lately on the topic.

I took my conflict post and shared as a regular author/blogger on Women of HR: Life's Too Short to Live With Conflict and author/blogger on Talent Culture using a similar name: 10 Quick Tips For Conflict Management.

And that is literally it except for last years summary: Highlights from 2015.  So if any of my friends would like to guest post this coming year, just let me know.  I hope to get more blogging out this year now that my brothers drunk driver has been put away for leaving the scene of an incident where a death occurred.  The family finally has some closure in the case which is about to be two years old in just a few days.  

God Bless & Thanks for the follows!

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